virtual reality and trade

The heart of commerce is bringing people together to trade goods and services. Virtual reality is an increasingly efficient way to accomplish this. Some careers that connect people for commerce are being eroded by internet services which make those connections quicker, with greater available information, and at lower cost. Some functions done by stock brokers, travel agents, real estate agents, hotel chains, traditional dating services, and others are increasingly done via the world wide web. The human element will not be completely replaced. Some people in related professions are adapting and taking advantage of the new capabilities of the world wide web rather than allowing it to replace them. For different information on holotech, please see Holographic Data Storage, Department of Physics .

CDs, DVDs, and magnetic storage encode data as individual bits across the surface of the storage media. On the other hand, Holographic data storage saves information permeating the three- dimensional volume of recordable media. Holographic data recording and playback systems also open the possibility for massive parallelism in recording and playback because such systems save and read entire pages (possible a million bytes) at once instead of linear sequences of data bits. Researchers have been researching holotechnology data storage systems for many years, but it has not been until the last decade that vital breakthroughs in materials and science and equipment have made them consumer marketly feasible. For instance, relatively inexpensive liquid crystal image projections and integrated circuits have helped to decrease the cost of holotechnology data storage. There is a lot of research being done by a quantity of companies and universities toward the commercialization of volumetric holographic digital information storage. Virtual Reality Role Playing Games also gives information on this.

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