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Virtual reality is a computer-fabricated construct through which multiple humans can connect with objects three dimensionally with the involvement of sight, sound, and (to a lesser extent) touch and locomotion. One's sense of realism in such a setting increases with: (1) more range and depth of human sensory information processing potential actively involved in the interaction between a person and computer (e.g. amount of range of sight, resolution of perceived images, quality of audio communication, quantity and degree of body members actively involved in locomotor and kinesthetic communication); and (2) greater quickness and intelligence of the human to computer communication, particularly when the behavior of artificially-generated objects more closely conforms to the tangible and other laws that govern their real-world equivalents. Exceptions to the latter happen for surreal world uses, but even for those applications the gap from realistic dynamics should be managed to make a minimum level of sense of reality for one to be substantively engaged. If the setting is too bizarre, then believable communication fails. Sub-page Holographic Movies and New Holographic Technologies covers similar topics.

In the case of holographic data storage, two coherent laser rays cross inside optically sensitive media and save a hologram containing an entire page of data at one time. In order to read information from holographic storage media, a laser is focused on the recordable media at the angle used to imprint the hologram, the source hologram is recreated, and the light configurations in the hologram are translated into electromagnetic pulses for computer analysis. Present day generation holodisks can store nearly a hundred times the amount of information that can be stored in a standard DVD. Further, Virtual Medicine has information that may be of interest.

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